The Artist

Damon Mescudi is a seasoned abstract artist with over 30 years of experience in the art field.
Mescudi graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1998, where he studied Visual
Communication and Art History. His biggest influences include the famous Jean-Michel
Basquiat, Norman Lewis, and Pablo Picasso.

Mescudi’s knowledge of art history allows him to thoroughly investigate past and present cultural
and social events. In addition, he often explores contemporary ideology, which aids him in
creating vibrant and emotionally expressive pieces.

Mescudi succeeds in his craft because of his dexterity with his art utensils. Furthermore, his
artwork empowers him to become more visible with Atlanta’s Fine Arts community and beyond
the Georgia state lines. While flourishing in Atlanta, Mescudi joined the artist group Obsidian
Collektive, where the artists continually uplift one another through supportive showcases,
business marketing conversations, and promoting each other’s artwork.

Mescudi and his three colleagues, Vando Davis, Hopeton Hibbert, and Darrien West, will
be exhibiting their work at the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery.